Digha , West Bengal


Digha is West Bangal's most popular Sea resort. It is located 187 kms south west of Kolkatta. Digha has a low gradient with a shallow sand beach with gentle waves extending upto 7 kms in length.

The scenic beauty of this place is charming and alluring. The beach is girdled with casuarina plantations along the coast enhancing its beauty. These trees apart from beautifying also aid in reducing the erosion of the dunes.

One can view both sunrise and sunset at Digha Sea Beach. The sunset and sunrise reflecting off the salty waters of the Bay of Bengal is something straight off an artist's canvas.

The Sea at Digha is calm and shallow for about a mile from the beach making it quite safe for swimming.

Digha, originally known as Beerkul during Warren Hasting's time was discovered in the late 18th century by the British. Is it mentioned as the 'Brighton of the East' in one of Warreen Hasting's letters (1780 AD) to his wife.

In 1923, an English tourist named John Freank Smith was charmed by the beauty of Digha and started living here., His wirtings about Digha slowly gave exposure to this place. After independence, he convinced West Bengal's Chief Minister, Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy to develop Digha as a Beach Resort.

The main attraction of Digha is the flat had beach, which stretches for miles. It is one of the widest beaches in the world.


Digha is about 187 kms from Kolkatta and conveniently connected via train and road networks with Kolkatta.


Places to visit

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New Digha

New Digha is the newer section of the town with a charming beach. The latest attraction of new Digha is the Science Centre established by the National Council of Science Museums. It showcases a wide variety of mechanisms to make science an enjoyable learning experience..

Amravati Lake

There is a small park with a lake called 'Amravati', where you can enjoy a boat ride. Near the lake is Snake Farm, whcih is an added attraction

Shiva temple, Chandaneswar

Just 6 kms West Digha of is Chandaneswar, which is famous for a Shiva Temple


Shankarpur,a virgin beach as yet, is a recent discovery. it is the twin beach of Digha, around 14 kms from Digha, along the Digha-Contai Road. It is here now being developed as a sea resort. 


Junput is yet another beach resort of West Bengal, although the beach here is usually exposed only when the ride ebbs. The casuarina trees, kissed by the gentle breeze at Junput, are a soothing sight. The beach is un-spoilt, Brackish water fish cultivation and research are done here by the State Govt. Fisheries Deptt, Junput is 40 kms from Digha and regular bus services are available.


12 kms from Kanthi, this spectacular beach is named after the thousands of red crabs that crawl on the sands resembling the 'Mandar' flower. It is emerging as a very popular destination.

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