Nashik , Maharashtra


The city is situated at the foothills of the Western Ghats mountains on the banks of the river Godavari. At 2,300 ft above sea level, its elevation is highest among the major cities in Maharashtra. Trimbakeshwar is about 30 km from the city, from where river Godavari originates. Nashik hosts one of the largest religious gatherings in the world known as Maha Kumbh. 

Nashik has been described as "The Wine Capital of India" by Alok Chandra of Business Standard due to the numerous wineries located within the district.

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This temple with intricate architecture was constructed out of white marble. It has carvings of 18 chapters from the Bhagawad Gita.


It is a pilgrimage site, with the Kumbh Mela,Kumbh the largest peaceful gathjering in the world – involving over 100 million people in 2013, taking place here once every 12 years in rotation with Haridwar, Allahabad and Ujjain.

Panchavati literally means "a garden of five banyan trees". These trees are said to have been there during the exile of Lord Rama.

Trimbakeshwar Temple

The holy bath tank known as Kushavarta is 5 minutes from the main temple. This Kushvarta holds greater importance during the Kumbhmela shahi snan.


Ramkund is a holy place for Hindus. Devotees believe that a dip in this tank will fulfill their wishes. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Rama used to bathe in this tank during his stay in Nashik.

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