Jammu , Jammu and Kashmir


Jammu has an average elevation of 327 m(1073 ft).Jammu city lies at uneven ridges of low heights at the Shivalik hills.It is surrounded by Shivalik range to the north, east and southeast while the Trikuta Range surrounds it in the north -west. It is approximately 600 kilometres from the national capital, New Delhi.

The city spreads around the Tawi river with the old city overlooking it from the north while the new neighbourhoods spread around the southern side of river. There are four bridges on the river. The city is built on a series of ridges.

Places to visit

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Vaishno Devi Temple

The Vaishno Devi Temple in Katra which is visited by over 1 crore  pilgrims every year,making Jammu the most visited part of Jammu and Kashmir State.

Kashmir Valley

It is Heaven on Earth, friendly people, beautiful gardens, vast lakes and pristine streams and stunning  landscapes, it is all that "Enjoy the Incredible Kashmir"


It is truly amazing landscapes high up in the Himalayas, popular for trekking and with those on a search for the most serene place in the world.


 Gulmarg is surrounded by dense forest. This place is famous for its golf hikes and beautiful highland golf course. The natural beauty accompanied with clean fresh air and a beautiful environment. 


The way to reach Sonmarg  is from the Sindh Valley. This valley also shows more amazing facet in Kashmir. Sonmarg is located at an altitude of around 2730 meters from the sea level; it has snow-covered mountains as its backdrop against the sky.

Raghunath Temple

Raghunath Temple is dedicated to the Hindu Lord Shri Rama. All the inner walls of this temple are covered with gold, on three sides.This temple is located in the centre or we can say in the heart of Jammu.

Bahu Fort

This fort is located at a distance of around 5 km from the main city and perhaps is the oldest edifice in the Jammu.This fort is facing the Tawi River. 

Mubarak Mandi Palace

Mubarak Palace was built with the touch of three different styles, Rajasthani, Mughal and Gothic. Most famous part of this Palace is the Sheesh Mahal segment. There is a Dogra Art Museum, which is a treasure house of miniature paintings from various hill schools.

Peer Bala Dargah

This is one of the holy places for Muslim saints. Here, people from all the religions comes in large number to pray, on Thursday.

Chader Trek

The traditional name for the Zanskar Trek is Chadar Trek as the river becomes a snow sheet during winters due to heavy snowfall. It boasts of some of the lowest temperatures making it a challenging trek for the adventurers. 

Mansar Lake

Mansar lake, with its length more than a mile and width half-a-mile, is a very attractive lake in the midst of lusting greeneries surrounded by forest-covered hills.

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