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The Guruvayur/Guruvayoor  Sree Krishna Temple is one of the most important and sacred pilgrim centres of Kerala. Located in the Guruvayur town of Thrissur district in Kerala ,India. It is easily accessible by road and rail. The presiding deity is Maha Vishnu, in standing posture with four hands carrying Sankhu(conch), Sudarshana chakram (a serrated disk),lotus and mace. He is worshipped as Balakrishna, the full avatar (Purnaavatara) of Mahavishnu .The idol is made of a rare stone known as Patala Anjana.
The glory of Guruvayur was revealed by sage Dattatreya to King Janamejaya , the son of Parikshit. According to the sage, the image of Guruvayur was originally worshipped by Narayana. 

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Mammiyur Mahadev Temple

Mammiyoor temple or famously known as Mammiyur Mahadeva Kshetram is a Shiva temple situated in GuruvayoorThrissur district ofKerala

Punnathur Anakkotta

The Elephant Camp is located in Punnathur Kotta, at a distance of 3 km from the Guruvayur Temple. This Elephant Camp is one of its kinds in the world and is considered to be one of the largest elephant sanctuaries housing around 60 elephants. The fascinating feature is that all the elephants are 'offerings' that are made (donated) by the devotees, to the temple. The camp also acts as a training school for the elephants. All the bull (male) elephants here are trained to participate in major processions and daily temple rituals. 

Devaswom Museum

The Devaswam Museum is situated inside the Shree Guruvayoorappan Temple In Guruvayur. The museum houses an extensive collection of valuable offerings that have been made to the 5000 year-old presiding deity temple. The offerings include temple materials, antiques, musical instruments, mural paintings and other valuable materials. It is also includes some unsuual items like elephant teeth, rifle and toys.

Chowalloor Shiva Temple

The ancient Chowalloor Siva Kshethram or Mahadeva Temple, as it is called is famed to be over centuries old. Situated approximately three kilometers towards east from the world famous pilgrims paradise.

Institute of Mural Paintings, Guruvayur

The traditional style mural art form, using natural pigments and vegetable colours, is being revived by a new genre of artists actively involved in researching and teaching mural art at the Sree Sankara Sanskrit College in Kalady and also at a mural art school associated with the Guruvayoor temple.

Palayur Church

St.Thomas Palayur Church is located at Palayur, in Thrissur district in Kerala.It is the oldest church in India and is called an Apostolic Church credited to the Apostolate of St. Thomas.

Guruvayur SriKrihna Temple

Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple  is a Hindu Temple dedicated to the god Krishna (an Avatar of the God Vishnu), located in the town of Guruvayur  in Kerala.

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