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Amritsar, the most sacred city of the Sikhs, is an important tourist attraction of Punjab. The word Amritsar means the Pool of Nector. The city of Amritsar is named after the sacred pool in the Golden Temple, one of the holiest Sikh Shrines. Amritsar is situated only about 29 km from Wagah, on the India- Pakistan border. 

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Golden Temple

 The Golden temple is also known as Harmandir Sahib or Darbar Sahib. It is a significant Sikh temple, which is located in the city of Amritsar. It is the central Gurdwara or Sikh place of worship the world over. People gather here to listen to hymns, and also pay respect to the Guru Granth Sahib Holy Scripture being read here. 

Jallianwala Bagh massacre


The Jallianwala Bagh is a symbol of the freedom struggle. Jallianwala Bagh is originally a big garden covered by tall concrete walls on all the four sides, with very few narrow entrances. This was in remembrance of the innocent people who died in the 1919 massacre. Later on, a flame in honor of the martyrs was added.

Wagah Border

The Wagah border is a post between India and Pakistan. It has become famous for the beating the retreat ceremony which includes the closing of international gates and the lowering of the flags of both the countries.The flag code of India mandates that the national flag shall be flown only from sunrise to sunset.

Akal Takht

Considered the highest seat of the Sikh authority, the Akal Takht was built by Guru Hargovind in the year 1609. The traditional arms and weapons used by the earlier Gurus and Sikh warriors are displayed every evening at the Akal Takht.

Durgiana Temple

The temple which is set near the Lohgarh Gate of Amritsar is enshrined with Goddess Durga.It is also called by the name of Lakshmi Narayan Temple. The Durgiana Temple was constructed following the design aesthetics of the world-famous Golden Temple of Amritsar. 

Ram Bagh

It is located around the wonderful palace constructed by Maharajah Ranjith Singh. The magnificently planned Ram Baghwas designed under the king's supervision and he named the place after Guru Ram Das.

Now the palace has been modified into a lovely museum. The most interesting of the displayed items of the museum is the replica of Kohinoor - the largest diamond in the world.



Faridkot Fort

The main attraction of Faridkot Fort lies in its extraordinary interiors that speak of the magnificent taste and grandeur of the past rulers who built it centuries back.Among other prime captivating features, Faridkot Fort boasts of its Sheesh Mahals which are embellished with incredibly beautifully mirror works and wall paintings.

Gobindgarh Fort

 Locally known as the 'Bhangian Da Quila', the fort was constructed in the year 1760..The massive fort was built to safeguard the King's treasures and to protect his subjects.

The Toshakhana was built in the middle of the fort to store huge amount of food provisions for the army with a strength of twelve thousand soldiers.



Jama Masjid Khairuddin

It was built in 1976 by Mohammed Khairuddin and speaks of his struggle for freedom. There is a mosque nearby which attracts many pilgrims to this area.

Historical Banyan Tree

Located just outside the Ram Bagh Garden, the Historical Banyan Tree or Shaheedi Bohr is just a few kilometers away from Amritsar. The Historical Banyan tree is a huge with lush, green leaves and a widely spread branches. Four Namdharis were hung here to death in 1871 after they had objected against the hawking of beef near the Golden Temple, Amritsar.

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