Porbandar , Gujarat


As the birthplace of one of the most famous leaders of the world, Porbandar has a significant tourism-led infrastructure and economy. The area around Mahatma Gandhi's  home has been renovated to become a temple of peace.

Porbandar's beach locally known as Chowpati  has a long, sandy expanse along the ocean. 

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Kirti Mandir

Kirti Mandir is the memorial temple built in memory of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi  and Kasturba GHandhi located in city of Porbandar.There are life size oil paintings of Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba kept side by side in the centre of Kirti Mandir. Gandhi wanted that he should not be made a God and so, keeping his wishes, floral garlands are not used. The auspicious words, ‘The Truth’ and ‘Non-violence’, symbolizing his life and preachings are placed near their feet.

Sri Hari Mandir

Shri Hari Mandir in Sandipani is situated 5 km from the city of Porbandar, opposite  the airport.

Chowpati Beach

The scenic beauty of this palace is mesmerizing. The panaromic view from here gives you many boats and ships floating in the sea.


At present, Ghumli is an important archeological site of Gujarat. The site houses, famous Navlakha Temple, considered to be oldest Sun temple of Gujarat. The temple is built in Solanki style of architect with entwining tusk of three elephants as a trade mark of temple. 

Huzoor Palace

The palace was built with a clear European influence, with many wings and a slanting roof. The windows are very large with views of the sea.The various wings of the palace have front and backyards, and arranged so that they present a natural scenic ambiance surrounded by gardens and fountains. 

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