Mangalore , Karnataka


Mangalore lies between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghat mountain ranges, and is the administrative headquarters of the Dakshina kannada district in south western Karnataka. With its pristine beaches, broad roads and calm localities, Mangalore was ranked the 8th cleanest city of India and 2nd of Karnataka. 

Mangalore is the 2nd least polluted city in India and the 1st in Karnataka according to CPCB.Mangalore's port handles 75 per cent of India,s coffee and cashew exports. The boat building and fishing industry have been core businesses in Mangalore for generations.

Mangalore also has an IT Park called Soorya Infratech Park in Mudipu. 


Places to visit

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Sultan Bathery

The Sultan Bathery watch tower, constructed in 1784 by Tipu Sultan by is situated in Boloor,4 km from the centre of Mangalore  city, the chief port city in the state of Karnataka, India.

If one climbs to the top of the watch tower by stairs, he can get a panoramic view of Arabian Sea which leaves nature lovers in boundless joy. This place is a blend of natural and manmade beauty. It is now a nearly deserted place with a few shacks and a boating club nearby, but is gathering popularity among tourists because of the pervading eternal bliss of nature.

Kadri Manjunath Temple

The temple of Manjunatheshwara on the hills of Kadri is a very beautiful and popular temple in Mangalore.The idol of Lord Manjunathaswamy of the temple is called as oldest of the South Indian Temples.

St. Aloysius Church

St. Aloysius College Chapel is an architectural marvel that could stand comparison with the chapels of Rome. What makes this chapel unique compared to the other chapels in the country is the beautiful paintings that cover virtually every inch of the walls.

Mangaladevi Temple

The temple is built in Kerala style architecture, which is common in all temples in the South Indian state of Kerala and Western Ghats, with most of its structure made of wood. The presiding deity, Mangaladevi in the central shrine is in a seated posture. There are shrines around the sanctum for other deities.

Tannirbhavi Beach

It can only be reached by land near Kuloor Bridge or by ferry via Gurupura river from Sultan Bathery.

Kudroli Gokarnath Temple

 It was consecrated by Narayana Guru. It is dedicated to Gokarnanatha, a form of Lord Shiva. Compared to the other The dasara festival is celebrated with much grandeur. The dasara celebrations of this temple is popularly called Mangalore Dasara. 

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